IAT 210 – Week 5

Summertime 2014

Group Work

Let's play a lot of games

Go to http://www.classicgamesarcade.com/

Opt for five video games and answer the following:

Arcade Games

What are the game objects?

What are the attributes of the overall game objects?

Are there point out changes for virtually any game subject?

Explain, in verbs, the activities that can be considered.

How does randomness intersect the game?

Digital Games We

Old Light Guys

Gary Gygax

Whilst gary Gygax

Insurance underwriter turned boot repairman

Avid wargamer, particularly with miniatures

Developed Chainmail ruleset and launched Gen Con

Also invented Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons

Tabletop roleplaying game

Players believe the roles and attributes of fantasy


A loosely bounded collaborative storytelling game

A bad impact on youngsters!

D20 approach to games


Nolan Bushnell

Nolan Bushnell

Started as a great engineer, switched entrepreneur

Fascinated by amusement parks - rejected by


Creator of the Atari game program

Was inspired by…

B. F. Skinner

Operant Conditioning

The Skinner Box is a common tool to get psychological

trials on pets or animals

You hit redressers and acquire rewarded simply by food pellets

Led to one-armed bandits and computer game consoles!

Also anti-social for kids

Nolan Bushnell

Nolan Bushnell

Began by " having to pay homage” to DEC mainframe's


Then managed to move on to MagnaVox and Pong

Resolved out of court, however the race was on

Along the way, he employed…

Wozniak & Careers

Wozniak & Jobs

They were not the founding fathers of the home laptop

revolution, although they've end up being the poster young boys

TI 99 4A actually had a 35% business early on

Originally worked at Atari on the Large arcade


Applying Atari parts and help by employees, built the

initially Apple computer

Bushnell declined to invest $50, 1000 in their startup

Chuck E Cheese!

Wozniak & Jobs

Why were pcs so important to the

inception of games?

Opened up large new possibilities to uncooked creators

Game codes were sold in magazines, salvaged on

cassette tapes, distributed via postal mail, played compulsively

The bad impact on kids…

John Vonseiten Neumann*

David Von Neumann*

Since a child, played basic games just like kriegspiel

Began an even more formal research of parlour games

This triggered the study of video game theory, with a

surprisingly wide range of applications

It started out with von Neumann's fascination with poker

Online poker

What kind of game are these claims?

The particular it entertaining?

Just how can we sort out it?

What are the mechanics?

Are there any conceivable emergent approaches?

What type of designer might create it?

Prevalent Ground

Games happen to be defined as clashes between two or more

players, having a tractable solution.

Players are believed to be realistic: that is, they are going to

pursue their maximum power.

The minimax theorem states that there can easily always be a

rational strategy to games in which players happen to be in conflict.

Solutions can lead to a positive amount game, an adverse

sum video game or a absolutely no sum video game.

Understanding Alternatives

Game titles can be modeled through payoff matrices.

The most famous of these is the Prisoners' Dilemma.

Two bad guys are apprehended for a crime. Held in

isolation, they are pressured to confess.

If the prisoner defects, he is guaranteed an easier phrase. If this individual cooperates by maintaining silence, he will probably get a bulkier


Pay-offs are Interesting

The temptation payoff – We win, yet at your expense

The reward compensation – we both win, slightly, by

working together

The punishment compensation – both of us lose since we

tried to cheat the other

The sucker payoff – I...