Protecting the Scenic Beauty of Animals

By Jeramy Buckman

CM220 Unit on the lookout for Final Job 7/17/12

I need everyone to close your eyes and picture yourself in the Rocky Mountains along with your children hiking up a trail on your favorite camping site following to a invisible lake. Whilst walking throughout the trail you are looking around trying to find animals prints to show your young ones. You will be excited to show your children a few of the beautiful animals that you reached see at the time you where their age when your father and mother did this for you. As you may and your youngsters are walking you start to realize that you are not really viewing any wildlife that should be very abundant in this place. You also will be noticing there are not as a large number of wild blossoms and plant life that were as well here. You finally recognize that you will not be in a position to give your kids the great memories that you just received since a child. As you may have realized that is a problem that we start to see and face today. Many times pets become wiped out causing becomes the scientific life pattern, environment, scenic sights, meals sources and many others. This has a drastic affect not only one the habitat and environment but can and also affect all of us as human beings. We as people can prevent and preserve this kind of beauty for future years all we must do is understand the issue and make a change. We need to teach ourselves and our children of the importance of family pets and how to protect them. We need to determine what happens when we all introduce a great exotic types to an place, about polluting of the environment, habitat destruction, over applying animals, poaching, the consequence for poaching, and how we are able to help prevent all this.

Every day were rapidly burning off many different grow and dog species. With this fast decrease of these animals and plants all of us start to lose the beautiful scenery that we had in the past, taking away all those potential remembrances from our kids and ages to come. Ten 1000 scientists on the globe Conservation Union stated that anywhere between installment payments on your 7 and 270 varieties are removed from existence every day including today. Thus broken down, you out or perhaps 4 mammals, 1 out of almost 8 birds, 1 out of 3 amphibians are in risk of annihilation (Whitty, J. 2007). This is simply not the only thing that can happen though. While using loss of these types of species that starts to affect the plants and animals surrounding them causing them to slowly perish out. This kind of then can easily end up triggering more radical effect towards the environment and in many cases us. Since E. U. Wilson set by a presentation: " that if we could actually kill off all the insects that it would lead to our personal extinction” (2007).

First, I have to provide a friendly recap of what many of us have learned since a child in school, and that is the food chain. The food cycle basically consists of four crucial groups. The first band of the cycle is the sun. This presents energy to everything on this planet. Another group is definitely the producers. These are things that are able to make their own food utilizing the energy the sun provides. Examples of these are, grass, trees, plants, vegetables, and so forth Next, we certainly have the buyers. Consumers are virtually any species that eats anything, either vegetation or different animals. Finally, we have the decomposers. These are generally things like bacterias or fungus that have something that offers died and breaks that down and produces smells like carbon dioxide and nitrogen. They then launch that back into the air, dirt, or drinking water where will probably be used by foreseeable future producers (ThinkQuest, 2012). When an animal (such as a grizzly bear) becomes extinct this an effect not merely on the food chain but the food world wide web also. When the bear is gone it is not anymore eating other plants or animals, which could then lead to them beginning to over populate. Over time these plants and animals are likely to start to decrease because their particular food sources are staying depleted as a result of increased amounts. So as you will see even the smallest species plays an important position and impacts everything surrounding them.

There are many things that are the...

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