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Honoring The Black Astrophysicist at NASA Whose Innovative Space Telescope is Still on the Moon (1939-2020)

George Robert Carruthers did big things with his life: One of the first Black astrophysicists at NASA, he’s known for pioneering the first ultraviolet telescope that went to the Moon.

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Serena Williams to face Osaka in Australian Open semis after ousting Halep

Serena Williams produced a performance of the highest quality to return to the Australian Open semi-final for the first time since her last grand slam triumph there in 2017, outplaying

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Answer quickly to be believed

When people pause before replying to a question, even for just a few seconds, their answers are perceived to be less sincere and credible than if they had replied immediately,

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Rolls-Royce to name former Deloitte partner Kakoullis as CFO

Rolls-Royce Holdings will name former Deloitte partner Panos Kakoullis as its next chief financial officer, with the appointment to be announced as early as Monday, Sky News reported here on

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You can have a passively-cooled GeForce RTX 3080… for a price

Over the years there have been endless attempts at creating 100% passively-cooled PCs, but most of those builds used lower end components. It turns out that you can have a

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World’s First Home Hydrogen Battery Powers Your House for 3 Days, is Recyclable, and Not a Fire Risk

With Texan power outages hitting the headlines this week, it’s worth looking to a startup that’s developed the world’s first renewable, hydrogen-powered energy storage system. At full charge, it can

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