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Volunteers have saved thousands of “cold-stunned” sea turtles near South Padre Island in Texas after a record-breaking winter storm brought freezing temperatures to the region.

Thousands of stunned turtles have been washing up on the Gulf Coast. Rescuers are loading the sea turtles in the back of their vehicles and taking them to rescue centers and wildlife sanctuaries.

Sea Turtle, Inc., a rescue center for sea turtles in Padre Island, TX, is currently sheltering more than 2,500 turtles from hypothermia.

With so many turtles needing help, local convention centers have also opened their doors to turtle storage.

Cold-stunning happens when an abrupt drop in temperature traps turtles in frigid water and makes it hard for them to swim to a warmer environment.

They are vulnerable to shock, pneumonia, frostbite and potentially death, according to the Turtle Island Restoration Network.

Texas Game Wardens assisting in turtle transportation