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Andy Murray beaten by Illya Marchenko in ATP Challenger final

Andy Murray, the top seed, lost in straight sets against Illya Marchenko in the final of the ATP Challenger Tour tournament in Biella. The former world No 1, who had

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Asthma may heighten flu risk and cause dangerous mutations

A subtype of asthma in adults may cause higher susceptibility to influenza and could result in dangerous flu mutations. University of Queensland-led animal studies have found that paucigranulocytic asthma (PGA)

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Bitcoin approaches $50,000, wider adoption fuels record rally

Bitcoin hit a new record high and approached $50,000 on Sunday, building on its record rally as Wall Street and Main Street increasingly adopt the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin recently

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Microsoft’s new testing program helps devs make their games more accessible

What just happened? Microsoft has updated its Xbox Accessibility Guidelines to make it easier for developers to comprehend and adhere to. While at it, Redmond also decided to launch a

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Volunteers Rescue Thousands Of Sea Turtles From Texas Freeze

Volunteers have saved thousands of “cold-stunned” sea turtles near South Padre Island in Texas after a record-breaking winter storm brought freezing temperatures to the region. Thousands of stunned turtles have

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