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Ash Barty plays a team game in singular pursuit of home glory

When Ash Barty talks in first-person pronouns, she does so in plurals. “We” is generally the most utilised option in her lexicon. “I think if you would have told me

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Study sheds light on how people cope with health challenges and medical debt

A recent qualitative study sheds light on how people cope with health and financial challenges, highlighting the important role that communication plays in these coping strategies. “This is one of

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Elon Musk says he supports top dogecoin holders selling most of their coins

Billionaire Elon Musk said on Sunday that he supports major holders of the meme-based digital currency dogecoin selling most of their coins, adding that he felt too much concentration in

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No Man’s Sky update lets you adopt creatures as pets

Hello Games took a ton of flak for overpromising and underdelivering with No Man’s Sky when it launched in the summer of 2016. The small developer promised to make things

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Hope for Migraine Sufferers: Clinical Trial Shows Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

In a recent clinical trial, researchers showed that mindfulness-based stress reduction could provide real benefits to people with migraine. Migraine is a neurological disease that can be severely debilitating and

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