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Pegula, daughter of Bills owners, cites team’s grit in Australian Open run

After Jessica Pegula earned her first trip to a grand slam quarter-final, the daughter of the owners of Buffalo’s NFL and NHL franchises scribbled on the screen of an Australian

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Defining spatial topography of gene expression in six-layered human dorsolateral prefrontal cortex

A team of researchers from Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, working with medical research company 10x Genomics has used a spatial gene expression technology to further define the six-layered human dorsolateral

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SolarWinds hack was ‘largest and most sophisticated attack’ ever: Microsoft president

A hacking campaign that used a U.S. tech company as a springboard to compromise a raft of U.S. government agencies is “the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has

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Chrome OS is getting a built-in screen reader and accessibility improvements

Chrome OS is already a great operating system for educators, but it’s about to get even better: the OS is set to receive a host of new features designed to

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Honoring The Black Astrophysicist at NASA Whose Innovative Space Telescope is Still on the Moon (1939-2020)

George Robert Carruthers did big things with his life: One of the first Black astrophysicists at NASA, he’s known for pioneering the first ultraviolet telescope that went to the Moon.

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